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Commercial Driver's License Owner Operator Jobs


Commercial Driver's License Owner Operator Jobs

Drivers with a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) might be coveted by haulage companies, but these jobs often force you to spend days or weeks away from your home. However, MBE's owner operators aren't employees; they're partners.


If you become a CDL owner operator with MBE, you can work as your own boss. You'll be free to spend every night at home while earning up to $175,000 annually with our competitive hourly rates.

CDL Owner Operators Wanted

At MBE, our CDL owner operators are the lifeblood of our company. We deal with several high-profile clients in Minnesota's construction industry. Our truck drivers deliver construction materials like aggregates to our customers.


When you sign on as one of our CDL owner operators, we'll supply you with plenty of work. You can choose which jobs you accept, allowing you to stay close to home. Our hourly rates from $117 to $125.00, and we have a fuel compensation program.* We'll also never subject you to ELD tracking.  (* fuel comp program details available from staff )


Become a Commercial Driver's License Owner Operator with MBE

Get in touch with the team at MBE today to join our fleet as a Commercial Driver's License owner operator!


Shelly McCormick:

Owner Operator

Driving for MBE for 6 years.

“I like the people I work with. They’ve always been really good to me.”

Brian Frank:

Owner Operator

Driving for MBE for 7 seasons.

“I make just as much here as I did when I was traveling all over the country. Only now I can go home and see my family every night.”

James McCormick:

Owner Operator. 

Pulled side dump for 14 years. 

“I started driving with MBE 14 years ago and never looked back.”



If you have your insurance and paperwork ready to go,
we can get you on the road tomorrow.

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