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What began as a side business with one dump truck has grown to be one of the largest and most reliable construction trucking companies in Minnesota.


While our base of operations has always been focused on the Twin Cities metro area, our work has taken us across the country — from Salt Lake City, Utah to Phoenix, Arizona to Kansas City, Missouri. 


Prior to founding MBE in1984, Bob Perry operated a small fleet of trucks as a side business to his family’s truck repair, welding and sandblasting business in Long Lake, Minnesota.


Soon, the side business outgrew the family's repair business.


So, in January 1984, he set out to pursue the trucking of dirt, sand, gravel and other related opportunities in construction.


MBE was born.


The first truck put into service was a 1966 T850 Ford that was powered by a 477 cubic inch gas engine. In those days trucks earned $16 per hour, the driver was paid $4 per hour and gasoline was $0.23 a gallon. (How times have changed!)


MBE was the first to offer a fleet of side dump trailers and build the demand for them.


Today, at least half of all trailer work is performed by side dumps.


Over the years, the company expanded its scope to include gravel pits, disposal sites, recycle concrete production and screening equipment. We have heavy equipment that supports our trucking operations.


Moving forward, we will continue to innovate, develop and be the next best thing.


We're more than a trucking company; we're a multi-service provider to contractors for material supply and disposal.


           "A Step Above the Rest. Follow the Leader"



Bob Perry
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