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Owner Operator For Aggregate Hauling Jobs


Owner Operator Jobs/Services for Aggregate Hauling Jobs

Few jobs are as draining as being an on-the-road trucker. Working as part of a truck firm can also keep you away from home for weeks at a time. At MBE, we do things differently. Our owner operators for aggregate hauling jobs can choose their hours, allowing you to return home every night.


We pay operators by the hour, not the mile or the job. Our competitive rates start at $117 per hour and can rise up to $125 per hour. We'll also hook you up with consistent aggregate hauling jobs across the Twin Cities metro area.

Aggregate Hauling Jobs for New Owner Operators

Most building projects across Minnesota depend on aggregate materials. That's why our growing roster of owner operators for aggregate hauling jobs is the backbone of MBE. 


You're free to work as your own boss while hauling aggregate to our clients. We'll support you with our competitive rates and we also have a fuel compensation program*. We provide well-maintained trailers to make sure that you have a reliable tool for the job. (* fuel comp program details available from staff )


Contact MBE Today

If you'd like to become our newest owner operator for aggregate hauling jobs, call the team at MBE today!


Shelly McCormick:

Owner Operator

Driving for MBE for 6 years.

“I like the people I work with. They’ve always been really good to me.”

Brian Frank:

Owner Operator

Driving for MBE for 7 seasons.

“I make just as much here as I did when I was traveling all over the country. Only now I can go home and see my family every night.”

James McCormick:

Owner Operator. 

Pulled side dump for 14 years. 

“I started driving with MBE 14 years ago and never looked back.”



If you have your insurance and paperwork ready to go,
we can get you on the road tomorrow.

Fill out the form below or call us today!

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